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I'm not talking about fashion bloggers here haha.This is me paying a not-so-graceful tribute to the masterminds that have been inspiring my life and work since my teenage years.From a tattoo, to a doodle on a sketchbook to the way I combine colors on clothing or gemstones on my jewels, they've been influencing and making my days more beautiful for years now.Today is the case of Matisse. Let me share with you my favourite pieces and how some of them define some of my own work. Con influencers no me refiero a fashion bloggers haha.Esta es mi manera poco agraciada de rendir un pequeño tributo a las mentes maestras que han inspirado mi vida y mi trabajo desde que fui adolescente.Desde...

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Para quienes estén en Santiago y les interese aprender sobre el hermoso mundo de la joyería ♥

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